Performance Based Approach (PBA)


UBBL 1984 by Law-
Ninth Schedule
Dimensions of Buildings and Compartments Maximum Limits of Dimensions – 4000m² (3700m² under SBO 1994 by Law) or 14000m³ (under sprinklered building)

Seventh Schedule
Maximum travel distances to exits and dead end limits shall be specified in the Seventh Schedule of By-Laws. Limits when alternative are available for shops are 45 meter (sprinklered building).

Performance Base Approach apply IF extended of compartmentation and travel distance.


  • Brief overall understanding to Bomba (JBPM) Authority.
  • Fire Engineering Performance Based study on the project
  • Option solution to show compliance with the prescriptive clause in UBBL 1984.

Design Solution:

Provision of engineered smoke system though CFD modeling, Evacuation study. Demonstrate that larger compartment area will not jeopardize critical life safety tenability criteria for anticipated fire loads at compartment area during fire conditions therefore occupants have safe egress.

Tenability Criteria:

  • Usually required to establish the acceptability (or not) of the design.
  • Measures of the time for life threatening conditions to develop.
  • Tenability criteria are taken at smoke layer height of 2.5m from FFL.
  • Visibility criterion-MUST be > 10m

  • Temperature criterion-correspond upper layer temperature of approximately ≤200ÂșC